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Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate Review: Learn its Features & Benefits

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Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate

Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL certificates can secure multiple domains even if they are totally not related to each other. Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificates feature 256-bit encryption strength and the secure site seal. Though these certificates are meant for MS Exchange and MS Communications server environments, they are compatible with other servers, as well.

This multi-domain SSL certificate will make the process of securing almost all your domains simple and easy. Without having to purchase separate SSL certificates for your different domains, you can use this certificate to get the job done in just minutes. For example, this certificate can secure the following domains.
  • change.domain.com
  • exchange.yournewdomain.com
  • arc.website.com
  • owt.website.com
Based on our Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate review, the following are this certificate’s key features.
  • Quick issuance
  • Secures up to 250 domains
  • Strong industry-standard 256-bit encryption
  • 2048-bit RSA signature key
  • Activates “Secure” indicator

Secure up to 250 Domains

Unlike wildcard SSL certificates that secure only a domain and its accompanying subdomains, a multi-domain SSL certificate secures an unlimited number of domains. In simple terms, you can secure your entire web presence with just one Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate.

Domain Validation

Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificates are multi-domain SSL certificates that can secure more than one domain in just a few minutes. Domain control validation is the only form of authentication that is required to get this certificate. The validation process is a completely automated process so it will be completed in just seconds.

Strong Encryption

Your website and all the other domains you secure with a Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate will be secured with strong 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit RSA signature key. Sectigo follows the NIST and CAB forum standards and provides this strong encryption.

$500,000 Warranty

All of Sectigo’s SSL certificates come backed by best-in-class warranties. If your end-users lose money because something went wrong at Sectigo’s end or because of a PKI failure, your end-users will be compensated. This certificate also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Site Seal

The Sectigo Secure site seal is a visual indicator of trust trusted worldwide. These site seals assure visitors that the website is vetted by a trusted Certificate Authority and that their connection is encrypted. This secure site seal can be placed on any page of your website.

Browser Compatibility

Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL certificates are compatible will all major desktop and mobile browsers.

Lower Price

Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificates are priced competitively. You can secure your website with one of the most trusted SSL brands at a relatively lower price.

Features and Benefits of Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate

  • Domain Validated SSL certificate
  • Activates HTTPS
  • Displays the padlock symbol
  • Strong 256-bit SSL encryption
  • 2048-bit RSA or ECDHE Public Key Pair
  • $500,000 warranty
  • Secures up to 250 unique domains
  • Sectigo Trust Logo
  • Compatible with all popular mobile and web browsers
  • Unlimited re-issues and server licenses
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Why Choose Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificates?

Multi-domain SSL certificates are a convenient option for businesses that have multiple domains. Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL certificates will help them secure their entire web presence with just one certificate without the need to manage multiple SSL certificates. While wildcard SSL certificates can only secure a domain and its accompanying subdomains, a multi-domain SSL certificate can secure multiple unique domains that are totally not related to each other.

A Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL certificate will enable the padlock icon and the secure site seal on all the domains you secure with this certificate. Apart from its quick issuance, this certificate is also well-known for the generous warranty it comes backed with. Based on our Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL certificate review, we noticed that these certificates come with the best features and can secure multiple domains in a matter of just a few minutes.



Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate - SectigoSSLstore


2 SAN Incluided
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Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate - TheSSLstore


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Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL Certificate - SectigoSSLstore


2 SAN Incluided
Vendor Price: $544


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Sectigo, one of the most widely used brands when it comes to SSL certificates, is trusted by thousands across the globe. Many recognize the Sectigo site seals and understand that the websites vetted by this brand are safe. If you are a business handling multiple domains, you cannot go wrong with the Sectigo Multi-Domain/UCC SSL certificate as it will make your SSL management easy by securing all your domains.
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